Cisco 7940 IP Phones have a new boss : Falcon Hosted VoIP | Falcon Technologies

Transition gradually to modern IP telephony with Falcon’s support for CISCO 7940 & 7960 phones

Cisco 7940 IP phones stand proud on many a desk – they are good quality and look surprisingly good despite their age. Their problem – The Cisco Call Manager behind them; Cumbersome to manage, expensive to expand and yearly maintenance price is scary.

The solution – Falcon Hosted VoIP – a modern IP PBX that will unify your communications whilst leveraging your existing CISCO 7940 / 7960 investment.

Falcon Hosted VoIP is cheaper than yearly CISCO Call Manager maintenance

A new Falcon Hosted VoIP Phone System is actually cheaper than renewing your CISCO Call Manager license. And that’s not factoring in any consultancy fees that you might need to keep CISCO Call Manager running or any expansion costs you might have during the year such as adding or replacing phones. You’ll gain a whole host of features such as softphones for Android, iPhone, Windows and MAC – free of charge.

Reduce Deployment Cost & Retraining

By using your existing CISCO 7940 / 7942 / 7960 phones you will not only save greatly on the purchase of new IP Phones; You will also make deployment a lot easier. There is no need to go into each office and replace the phone. Especially in larger installations this can be a consideration. You will not need to retrain users – they will continue to use their trusted CISCO 7940 phones as they did before.

Expand your system with any IP Phones

Once you have migrated to Falcon Hosted VoIP you can expand your system with any popular IP Phone. Of course you can choose to buy new or refurbished CISCO 7940 / 7960 phones, but you can mix and match in more modern and cost effective IP Phones such as from snom or Yealink. Leverage SIP trunks, VoIP Gateways, softphones from popular vendors more easily and much more cost effectively.

How it works

The process is straightforward:

  1. Contact Falcon.
  2. You will need to “SIP” your CISCO 7940 phones. CISCO Call Manager uses the proprietary SCCP protocol rather than the standard SIP protocol. Using a straight forward process you can upgrade your CISCO 7940 phones to SIP. No work on your part we will handle the entire process.
  3. Provision your phones for Falcon Hosted VoIP and you are done!

So this year, beat the dreaded CISCO Call Manager Maintenance Bill and move to Falcon Hosted VoIP!