The Top 4 Reasons Businesses Are Switching Over to Hosted PBX | Falcon Technologies

The landscape of business telephone systems has been permanently altered by the use of Voice over Internet Protocol, also known simply as “VoIP.” Now the landscape of the office is being changed as well by VoIP providers offering hosted PBX. After extensive research within the IP community and gathering data from a broad spectrum of techies and business owners, here are the top 4 reasons that businesses are switching over to hosted PBX.

1. Hosted PBX Saves Money

The most important resource a business has is its capital. The installation, setup, maintenance, and repair of an on-site PBX creates an unnecessary strain on vital company resources. The initial investment in a PBX alone is cost-prohibitive, and the added expense of maintenance and repair often renders the monthly savings of VoIP service null and void. Hosted PBX providers offer the same feature-loaded plans as other VoIP providers, which can be easily managed from a desktop portal, without the additional expense of caring for the equipment.

2. Hosted PBX Saves Manpower

Most small to midsize businesses don’t have an IT department dedicated to maintaining expensive equipment 24/7. There is also time lost orchestrating the multitude of appointments and visits with various technicians and IT medics every time there’s a problem with the equipment. Hosted PBX providers have built-in IT departments that troubleshoot around the clock. And hosted PBX eliminates installation and repair visits, altogether. In essence, the hosted PBX provider acts as a proxy IT department, offsite.

3. Hosted PBX Saves Space

Most businesses that host their own PBX in-house find it necessary to dedicate an entire room to the Private Branch Exchange. Due to the sensitive nature of the equipment, the room has to be temperature-controlled without interruption, dust free, and it occupies a sizeable portion of the office space relative to most offices. A hosted PBX provider assumes all of the responsibility of maintaining these conditions, so off-site hosting frees up valuable office space which can be used to house additional staff or for other operational considerations.

4. Hosted PBX is More Versatile

Growing businesses need to remain flexible and mobile. VoIP service has increased the ease and ability of a business to modify its communications system with the touch of a button. However, an onsite PBX is cumbersome and difficult to move. As a business expands its footprint in the market and brings on additional employees or product, it’s often necessary to move its location as well. With a hosted PBX provider, moving the office telecommunications system is as easy as unplugging a laptop, and carrying it to the new flagship office.

Hosted PBX is being lauded as the next logical step in the progression of IP technology, by further increasing the versatility and mobility of VoIP. A hosted (off-site) Private Branch Exchange saves critical office space, capital, and human resources. By transferring the expense, maintenance, and housing of the PBX to an offsite host, more businesses are able to take full advantage of the revolutionary cloud-based technology. To read more about our hosted PBX offering, visit